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I'm missing the point by a mile, [20 Mar 2010|02:47am]
But iron oxide, in all its forms; ferrous, ferric, etc., is an ionic compound.
Metal + non-metal = no covalence.

(summary: Inside reference, but aggravated by this concept because it does not make sense to me. Perhaps I am mistaken.)
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It's a comin' [20 Aug 2008|03:22am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Ugh...Fay will be here soon. ( Fay being a hurricane rambling around Florida)

Though I've had to deal with hurricane season every year, the nice little thing about Jacksonville is that we never actually get hit by any of them. The storms usually veer off into the Gulf of Mexico around central Florida or they head up the Atlantic coast and pass by due to our nice little location on an indent of sorts.

Seems we aren't so lucky. Sucks as I don't have much experience with what to do. We have plenty of food ( and water for the fish tanks :P )

Oh well. I'll start cleaning up soon. Moving things into closets, trash bags, unplugging electronics...

I hope the wind isn't too bad. God, I hate the wind.....


urk...! [20 Mar 2008|01:40am]
I feel not so great right now. XP

I had a headache, took some aspirin. While waiting for it to kick in, the pain started to make me nauseous. From there I took some pepto but alas, I still feel shitty...

Also procrastinating writing my lit paper. I have all my points and know what to type, I'm just...not doing it haha XD I'll get it done by 8:45 tho~

I wish I had money to buy Crisis Core. I decided to get the Japanese version (for the superior voice acting, chyah) along with the American strategy guide in case I get stuck. I'm also curious on how much I'll be able to understand with my mediocre language "skills"

Mmm Tseng and Sephiroth as party members :9 Finally my dream FF7 party!

Kinda dusty in here [23 Jan 2008|06:41am]
As usual, I've sauntered back after a lofty absence just to post something random and rather un-important.

Posting just to post ya know?

Science classes are annoying me, mainly because of the ridiculously long labs, and I just feel really really tired all the time.

I wake up and look forward to being done with the day so I can go back to sleep...How productive hm?

Eh biology lab in an hour...soon to be followed by chem lecture and lab. I love the subject as a whole honest to god, it's just the tediousness of labs. Figuring out the density of water does not take three hours! However it is quite possible to write a painfully long lab about just that filled to the brim with pointless questions and data tables that just must be filled....

[18 Nov 2007|07:31pm]
Its been quites a while hasn't it, yes?

School is progressing normally I suppose. Still need to register for spring semester...Bah. Also having problems with my English class. I have such a difficult time coming up with a position to write from when it comes to our paper topics. I suppose I'm just to wishy-washy to be that argumentative.

Christmas is right around the corner and I haven't even begun to think about gifts for people. Lame indeed. Always hate being asked for what I want too. I'm torn between saying "dunno.." and telling them exactly what I want which seems so meaningless.

It feels less like a gift and more like you sent them to the supermarket to get milk :/
(pardon that random analogy...)

Oh well, at the very least I really do love this season, it feels so stress less what with the wonderful weather and encroaching festivities. Yay for good night's sleep.

(I've become rather smitten with the Zelda DS game as of late. I shook it off at first what with it's anti-Rito isms but that new character, Linebeck, seems far too hilarious to ignore much longer haha)

rollzen outzen! [17 Oct 2007|01:19am]
Gots me a shiny new The Transformers dvd fresh from Best Buy.

I got the two disc "special edition", not the one that came with figures either. They said it was optimus and someone else but "optimus" looked a hell of a lot like soundwave...

Anyway, I was debating on getting the target one that comes with a transforming dvd case shaped like the prime-meister. Maybe I will >:}

(p.s.:Megan Fox likes Starscream best haha XD)
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Come again? [09 Oct 2007|11:25pm]
You know, sometimes it's hard not to be a little cynical about the state of political affairs.

Mainly when all the news networks are abuzz with the travesty that is Barrack Obama not wearing an American flag lapel pin.

...are you kidding me?

We got a new couch t'day. [09 Oct 2007|12:08am]
Well only a few hours left for me to start my English Comp. paper. Yeah, yeah, I'm getting to it, just gotta read some fanfiction first. Sweet, sweet crack.

This week will surely be a test, mainly because of said English paper ( I just took a chemistry test today, I have a quiz for pre-calculus due thursday and god knows we never do much of anything in humanities..) Final draft due Thursday..bah. I'm awful when it comes to...not writing about literature, I find it very hard to form an opinion otherwise.

God love One Piece. I just watched episode 325 and it was a-ma-zing. Everything I had waited for, Blackbeard pirates and all. Laffite was there and Auger was all bad-ass and talking, woot. So many screen caps <3 ..seeing as they won't show up for another 200 chapters knowing Oda.

I swear, Teach's crew is like freaking Mihawk; you wait and wait then *bam!* ya blink and you've missed them...

Slipping [03 Oct 2007|08:03am]
So Humanities isn't going so well.

It's gotten to the point where we're about halfway through and my grade isn't looking so great. I'm highly considering withdrawing so my GPA doesn't get dented from the get go.

Highly stressful business. Must discuss with mother.

It's like friday!...sort of [26 Sep 2007|09:43pm]
For once I'm looking forward to Thursday classes. Amazing, no?

My goal for English remains to be "freaking contribute to the conversation!" Its horribly frustrating to know what answer your teacher is looking for but being too petrified to say a word.

*punches stomach* SPEAK DAMMIT!

...well not my stomach, by you get the idea.

I believe my paper on the national progression of discrimination shall more likely than not focus on the presidential race. It's just easier I suppose, what with having a woman, a Mormon, and all them crazy folks running for office.

We recently had a discussion on an article featuring Obama and his strategy with the black community and it was amusing to watch my teacher begs us not to bring our political views into it even though he didn't do so well in not showcasing his own in the discussion.

Says my mother, "Oh he's a college teacher, of course he's a liberal." Touché mom. haha.

"Captain's Log: stardate...uh...." [20 Sep 2007|12:09am]
+online quiz: done! 92% yeah!
+other quiz: mostly done..
+english project: doing it now!
+humanities: psh forget that

I had to leave my chem lab today. I forgot to wear closed shoes. Of course I didn't realize that until I got out of the car and griped to myself about walking through the flooded parking lot in flip-flops. Ah well, life goes on~

Time is really flying, I suppose its bad in the idea that I'm scared to fall behind, yet we're getting closer and closer to my birthday, so really, s'all good XD

Thursday looks rather full... [19 Sep 2007|12:58am]
Bah, so I have to;
+come up with an english presentation
+take a pre-calculus online quiz
+do a take home pre-calculus quiz....
+finish a humanities question packet

Kind of wish I didn't have chemistry lecture and lab tomorrow, I could use the time. Also need to do my writeup on Archimedes' principle. Good fun, yesh.

Then again, I realized just now, that once I get through Thursday, I'm done for the week. That's some consolation XD

*beware of nerd moment* [12 Sep 2007|12:49am]

In my defense, I only own one Transformer and it's an Autobot. A..blue Grimlok actually. I was young enough that my sole motivating factors in life were
a.) dinosaurs (wtf is with kids and them anyway...?)
b.) my favorite color

I could never turn him into a robot anyway. >:/

Point being the balance needs to be restored and there just happens to be a super Wal-Mart down the street. Now I usually avoid it like the plague but, for Starscream, anything. >:3
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[08 Sep 2007|10:17pm]
Blarg. Crap load of work to do for school. Not really wanting to do it but oh well.

I get the house to myself all week. W00t~ I suppose. Ma mere comes back Thursday night but let's just round up to five days, shall we?

Ah yes, video games;
1. I hate that stupid Gecko colossus. Took me forever to kill it *shakefist*
2. Jeebus, Tales of the Abyss is long

Math is icky...ya know? [06 Sep 2007|08:20am]
Ugh, I have a pre-calculus quiz today and, surprise surprise, I don't want to take it. I will forever wish that math and science will stop being grouped together. No nasty numbers in my biology, plzkthx.

Other classes are going well though. I kind of zone out in humanities though. Guess it's just the end of the day.

Plus, the class is so big it's hard not to stop listening and draw revolver ocelot.....

[28 Aug 2007|11:14pm]
[ mood | so very tired ]

So, I've been through all my classes once and I have surmised thus;

1. Tuesdays and Thursdays are freaking endless. But if nothing else they begin and end well. (classes being english comp. and pre-renaissance humanities respectively)
2. I enjoy all of my classes minus pre-cal. For whatever reason, we do everything in groups which, to me, is odd. Math has one answer. I don't understand the need for open discussion on it...

That's what I get for not picking a male teacher...Its not so much that women teachers have been bad in my experience (some of the best I've had were) its just that I've never ever had a bad guy teacher.

weird, huh?


[26 Aug 2007|11:41pm]
bah..can't sleep..nervous about school tomorrow...
I keep staring at my alarm clock... (slash nintendo ds) and it doesn't help that it actually counts down and tells you how much time you have left until the alarm rings.

8 hours 2 minutes and 30 seconds to be precise.

My first and only class of the day doesn't start until 10:30 and I'm getting up at 7:45 /lame

In other news; went shopping for clothes today. Some lady thought I worked at old navy and I quote,
"oh, I'm sorry. You were just folding so nicely"
haha. flattering I suppose. Also, cute punk/emo/goth-esque cashier at Target, he was funny.

Thinking... [22 Aug 2007|01:38am]
So I might get a myspace...

My justification is that once school starts, I intend to stop playing WoW (if only for a little bit). Having a myspace account would be a nice way to keep in touch with everyone.

The other option would be...calling I suppose. But then you have to work out the whole time thing. I imagine it would get tedious and who wants to feel like staying in touch is a chore?

I still feel a might bit hypocritical though...

Tales of Symphonia..revisited [17 Aug 2007|10:42pm]
Damn Kyle...he started playing Tales of Symphonia again, so I just had to continue when he stopped. Kratos is gone again...and I hate having to use Zelos. It's not the same! *wangst*

Also watched the new Symphonia OVA. It's not exactly like the game, but fairly faithful. Fun to watch none the less. The voices are interesting in japanese. I always enjoyed the english voices, one of the few games with superior voice acting, in my opinion.

Plus, there's a tone of interaction between Kratos and Lloyd in the anime. Always thought there wasn't enough in the game... It makes me feel all gushy haha

Note; the only thing funnier than a claymation Kratos, is watching said clay-person knock over all the Jenga blocks XD

[11 Aug 2007|07:51am]
Soon to leave for out trip to the Atlanta Aquarium~ I'm going to be gone for about three days. Fun fun fun.

Just to show that there's never a dull moment around here; my mom found a baby possum in our garage this morning. Fed him/her cat food. Too..cute for words...

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